Council Member of EEQA
Uphold academic rigor, advocate fair certification, strengthen quality standardization, and continue to promote internationalization.
Carl Ruiz
Chairman of the Council
Prof. Dr. Ruiz is a great mentor who has been working on international quality standardization. He has served on the UN ISO Standards Framework Committee. In 2019, he officially joined the EEQA Council and was elected as the Chairman of the Council in 2021.
Gerald Watson
Vice-President of the Council
Dr. Watson is passionate about bringing curriculum development techniques to campus and developing students' self-directed learning skills. For many of his students, it started out as a computer science curriculum development program. Later, he realized that bringing curriculum development technology to campus needed an accreditation body to promote it. As a result, he joined EEQA in 2017 and was elected to the board in 2021. Vice-President.
Thomas Henderson
Chief Academic Officer and Vice-Chairman of the Council.
Dr. Henderson firmly believes that the role of academic accreditation is to provide academic guidance while promoting the continuous improvement of teaching and research in universities or colleges and educational institutions, and believes that academic well-being is one of the most important benchmarks for educational institutions to adhere to, so that all students can thrive growing up. He is passionate about a holistic and balanced education in the accreditation process. Therefore, he has always emphasized that the implementation of strict certification standards is the soul of EEQA. In 2021, he will officially serve as Chief Academic Officer and Vice Chairman of the Council of EEQA.
Li Huang
Treasurer and Chief Audit Officer
MFA. Ms.Li Huang has good working experience in international trade. She graduated with a major in financial management, majoring in international trade and financial audit and compliance. For more than ten years, she has participated in numerous international negotiations and trade dispute resolution, and successfully proposed constructive solutions for member compliance, certification review and financial supervision, and accounting review matters. In July 2022, she was nominated by the EEQA Conference and appointed Treasurer and Chief Audit Officer in EEQA.
Christina Alvarez
Secretary General
Mrs. Alvarez is passionate about administration and its power to impact and change people's lives. She has worked as a senior management officer in three well-known global multinational corporations, where she was responsible for coordinating and handling administrative matters. In 2014, Mrs. Alvarez gave up high salary to devote himself to education, and made great contributions to the development of EEQA. She has served as chief certification officer, assistant to the secretary general, assistant to the vice chairman, etc., and will be elected as the secretary general of EEQA in 2021.
Kimberly Thomas
Chief Certification Officer
Mrs. Thomas is a serious and serious person. She has been working on academic quality and teaching and research. He has held important positions in several universities. She joined EEQA in 2013 and has been working on accreditation. In 2017, Mrs. Thomas formally and independently assumed the affairs of personal certification, and made the personal certification business grow by leaps and bounds with his excellent ability. In 2021, she will officially serve as the Chief Certification Officer and a member of the Council.
Janet Reyes
Chief Legal Officer
Ms. Reyes joined the EEQA team in 2016 as External Legal Officer. Since then, she has been responsible for EEQA's external and legal affairs and has done a huge job of keeping the certification business compliant. She graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a doctorate in international law. In 2017, she started working at EEQA as a Senior Legal Officer. In 2021, the Council appointed Ms. Reyes as Chief Legal Officer.
Carolyn Jhen
Chief Certification Coordinator
Dr. Chen is good at making difficult things easy to understand and is deeply respected and loved by customers. She has been in charge of coordinating EEQA's tedious work with agencies, universities and colleges, and individuals seeking accreditation. She has full professionalism and is widely praised by many clients. At present, she officially takes over as the chief certification coordinator, assisting the chief certification officer in the development and continuous development of certification work.
Hannah Jenkins
Director, Office of Accreditation Standards and Information Technology
According to Dr. Jenkins, the most satisfying aspect of her work is helping to shape the educational open minds shaped by universities or colleges, educational institutions. She specializes in promoting standardized procedures for educational accreditation through guided inquiry, direct instruction, investigation, problem solving, and discussion.
Crystal Patterson
Chief Financial Officer
As a finance officer, Mrs. Patterson is well aware that finances have a decisive influence on the development of an institution. She brings this understanding to her financial management work. Her family runs a well-known financial management company, and she has learned how to make the most of financial use. During her six years of working in EEQA, Mrs. Patterson has been pursuing financial openness and transparency, so that EEQA's financial situation has undergone qualitative changes and improvements, and the development of EEQA has presented a positive scene.